National Board Members


Dr. Ioannis K. Rokas
em. Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business
Honorary President, International Insurance Law Association (AIDA)
Senior Partner, Rokas Law Firm

Vice President

Dr. Ourania Chatzinikolaou - Angelidou
Professor, School of Faculty of Law and Economic and Political Studies
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

General Secretary

Dr. Alexandros Kalantzis
Attorney-at-Law, Partner, V&P Law Firm


Dr. Antonios Tsavdaridis
Lecturer at Law (International Trade Law), Democritus University of Thrace
Attorney-at-Law, Partner, Rokas Law Firm


Dr. Athanassios Kritikos
hon. Vice President of the Hellenic Supreme Court  (Areopagus)

Christos Theodorou
Attorney-at-Law, Partner, Rokas Law Firm

Dr. Christos Chrissanthis
Professor, University of Athens