XVth AIDA World Congress took place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on 11 – 13 October 2018

The XVth Congress of AIDA (Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances/International Insurance Law Association World) World, took place on 11 - 13 of October 2018, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The main plenary sessions of the Congress revolved around the duty of insured persons to make risk-related disclosures, but also of insurance companies to disclose the characteristics of the insurance product, and further key theme of the Congress was the insurance process as to new technologies, including as to cyber-risks but also as to autonomous vehicles and robots in general.

At the same time, work meetings were also held by AIDA’s regional groupings: the Ibero-Latin American Committee of AIDA (ClLA), the Association of European National Sections (AIDA Europe), the Association of the National Sections of Asia, Oceania and New Zealand.

Other topics discussed, including those at the meetings of AIDA’s Working Groups, were concerned with methods and coverage of pollution insurance, corporate governance in the insurance industry, consequences of environmental disasters and their insurance treatment, issues of risk incidents disclosure in health insurance, D & O insurance and its relationship to wrongful acts, reinsurance and capital markets, cross-border insurance operations within the EU, alternative dispute resolution options on matters arising from insurance activities, professional liability of insurance brokers and other important current issues referred to by a number of speakers from various countries, thus providing the opportunity for acquirement of a holistic overview as to the insurance industry’s legal and regulatory environment.

More specifically, the work group sessions were:

1. Disclosure Duties in Insurance (Pre-contractual stipulations and knowledge from the Parties); 2. New Technologies – Autonomous Vehicles and Robots, Cyber Risks, New Technologies and Insurance Process; 3. Corporate Governance of Insurers; 4. Pollution Insurance – Methods, Coverage and Beneficiaries; 5 Personal Insurance and Pensions; 6. Financial Lines; 7. Motor Insurance; 8. Reinsurance; 9. Credit Insurance and Surety; 10. Climate and Catastrophic Events; 11. Distribution of Insurance Products and General Principles of Insurance Law; 12. Accumulation of Claims and Subrogation; 13. Marine Insurance; 14. State Supervision of Insurance; 15. Civil Liability Insurance and Dispute Resolution.

During the Congress Prof. Dr. Ioannis Rokas, Chairman of the Hellenic Insurance Law Association (HILA) was awarded the AIDA medal for his outstanding contribution to insurance law and for his longstanding commitment to AIDA’s objectives, while at the same time he was moved from being a Vice President to the position of Honorary President of the world organization.

Below follows a snapshot of the medal awarding to Prof. Rokas by the AIDA President Prof. Jerome Kullmann.

IR Rio Congress Medal